February: As Time Goes On Episode 14

Here's episode fourteen of my monthly series "As Time Goes On", where I condense the entire month into a manageable 2-3 minute video looking back on my life. I don't know quite how it's been fourteen episodes already as it feels like I started this series a couple of months ago, but I guess if I were to watch these videos from the beginning I'd see that quite a lot has changed. 


I think we can all agree that January basically feels like a hangover from the previous year, so I've decided that 2017 began in February. I kept myself busy as always and made a conscious effort to make a mental note of all the enjoyable, everyday moments that made the month (and my overall mood) a little better. I'm feeling more optimistic in general after having a bit of a dip last month. Sometimes it's good to remind yourself that every bad situation or feeling is temporary, and strangely enough documenting a few clips of my life and making them into monthly videos really helps me put that into perspective.


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