What Happened in June and July

Seaside beach at Felixstowe
Man doing a pose in Manchester
Flats in West Central London
Tea pots, milk and cups at the Lake District
People walking up a hill in the Peak District 
Black and white cat asleep on a bed 
Happy woman on the beach at Felixstowe
Jamie's Bar at Jamie's Italian in West London
Cute guy in glasses looking into the distance 

I was a little quiet on social media over June and July, but trust me - I was very busy.

Even when I haven't had the best month, I still like to document what happened in my monthly YouTube series As Time Goes On. It started in January 2016, and since then, it's become a sort of online diary. I missed out on May after the terrorist attack in Manchester (it didn't feel right to talk about my own problems at the time), but now that I'm back from my YouTube break I thought I'd chat about what I've been up to any why I felt the need to have a break in the first place. Oh, and getting on a plane by myself, and turning twenty-seven - which were both pretty terrifying.

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Now that I'm back into making videos again, I've realised how much I missed it. Creativity is a huge part of my identity so when Depression strikes and I suddenly don't want to make things anymore, it really makes me question who I am. But having a break did me the world of good - it's made me want to make better videos, and give a little more love to this blog as well.

So, how have you been? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments!


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