Channel Chat with Lauren Sowter


I met Lauren in "real life" for the first time last weekend, despite having known her for nearly two years. 

She's exactly the same as she is on her YouTube channel: bright, energetic, and bubbly, but fluent in sarcasm.

I'd travelled to Felixstowe to do a shoot with her, but as we'd been friends for so long we'd also been planning the collabs we wanted to film (and what pizzas we wanted to order from Dominoes) before I'd even stepped on the train.

I've been thinking of starting the 'Channel Chat' series for a while now - just hanging out with other creators and talking to them about their videos, their filming setup, and their goals for their channel. I thought that my trip to Felixstowe would be the perfect time to film the first episode!

We mostly talked about branding for YouTube as we've both changed our content a lot since we started two years ago. Funnily enough we were both beauty channels back in the day, then had periods where we were more serious, but now we both feel like we're finding a middle ground and finding our voices. Scroll down to watch the video, or to listen to the unedited audio podcast.


A sneak peek of the photoshoot I did for Lauren in Felixstowe. More pictures coming soon...

Want to hear the extended version? Listen to the podcast below or download it for later:

I'd love to hear what you think of this because it could easily become a series - I've made so many friends on YouTube since I started and it would be great to have an excuse to chat to them and share their channels with you. I've been thinking of tailoring each episode for the people I'm talking to: for example, I really wanted to talk about branding with Lauren because I know how much her channel has evolved over time. 


Want to see more videos? Here's what's on Lauren's channel:

We also filmed a video together over on her channel so make sure you're subscribed to her, and don't forget to watch Lauren's vlog from our weekend together! The intro alone is the best thing I've ever seen. I was vlogging as well and the video will be up next Friday.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of Channel Chat, let me know what you think!

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