Starting a Bullet Journal

Yes. I'm that person. I've started a bullet journal.

I was like you, once. I thought that bullet journals would take far too long, and that I didn't have the drawing skills or enough patience to pull it off. But like that mascara that I didn't want to buy until literally every single beauty guru started talking about it on their channel, the idea of the bullet journal buried it's way into my subconscious and eventually... it grew on me. It looked like so much fun! And my friend Rachel from Full Flourish had a super minimal system that I really loved. No fancy drawings, no fuss - just planning and notes with the odd motivational quote thrown in. Perfect.

I was scattered between a diary and multiple notebooks at the time, and the idea of having everything in one place was very intriguing. So I bought a very reasonably priced Muji notebook and some pretty Tombow pens, and got stuck in. 

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I've been using this system for just over a week now and I have to say, I'm converted. I love it. Yes, it can take a while to draw out the pages (I definitely don't recommend this for the super-busy or those who are addicted to iCal) but for me it's worth it for the flexibility. I love being able to flip between monthly/weekly/daily spreads and to-do lists and then scribble ideas for videos and blog posts on the next page. Expect to see a few more videos on my channel very soon!

Do you have a bullet journal? Are you enjoying it?


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