Who Inspires You?

I love watching videos. I really do. I have a feeling that my subscription box is probably more varied than most, which might be how I've ended up with two YouTube channels. (One for artsy, creative content; and one where I put makeup on my face; because I couldn't make up my mind). I've left some of my favourites below, who all inspire me for different reasons. Maybe I like their filming style, or their personality - more likely both. Some of them have unique content, and some have a unique style of content. Some are chilled out, some are high production. Some of them got me through the hardest years of my life. But they all have something about them that made me want to get out my camera and make videos myself.

Here is a glimpse of what my subscription box looks like, and the creators who inspire me the most:

Most of these creators have a sizeable audience, but maybe you found one or two new people to subscribe to on this list.

There's definitely a good mix of genres and styles here. I'd be really interested to know if everyone watches so many different kinds of videos or if it's just me? Also, let me know who your favourite creators are and who inspires you.

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