Welcome Back. Do You Like My New Look?

Hey, there. Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but (as you might have already spotted) it’s because I’ve been redesigning this website. Not just redesigning, in fact - but moving to another platform. I used Blogger when I started back in 2014 and it was great, but eventually I got tired of the design limitations and knew I had to move on, so now I'm using SquareSpace. I took the opportunity to merge my previous photography website with my blog (which means one set of business cards instead of two, which I'm very happy about).

As you can imagine, such a big change was a lot of work (and I’m not exactly an expert web designer so I was pretty much making it up as I went along) but I think it was worth it. I’m really pleased that the new layout is finally done so that I can get back to writing posts. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to write while I've been away, and what content I want to make in 2017.

 I was generally quite happy with this blog and my channel, but learning about branding means that I've been able to fine-tune a few things that I was struggling with. I couldn't sum up what my blog and channel were about in one sentence, or say what made me unique in an oversaturated market of bloggers and vloggers. 

I want people to come here to feel inspired, and that's behind everything I'm planning to make at the moment. I'm going to be talking about photography quite a lot, and plan on filming more tutorials as they're highly requested. I still want to share my life with you so I'll be doing that as well, and my monthly vlog series As Time Goes On will continue.

I'm really excited to see what happens this year, and I hope you are, too. Leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to, I've missed you guys!


While I’ve been gone, I’ve still been making weekly videos on my YouTube Channel so make sure to catch up if you’ve missed any!


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